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Three FREE Promotional Tools Exclusively For FIA Graduates

Free is the way to be, right? As FIA alum, we have access to such incredible platforms to promote our coaching businesses. Here’s three great ways you can promote your coaching services, right here within the FIA coaching community that can extend your reach to potential clients.


I know what you’re thinking. “Ok, captain obvious”! This might seem silly since you’re here, reading this. But, did you know that YOU can be a contributor to FIA’s blog? There are so many promotional benefits of being a contributing blogger. One blog post has the potential to reach far more than the readers of a single site. Once published, your blog post can be shared across many social media platforms and shared among readers on those sites. They may also be picked up by other websites with relative content leaving your reach virtually limitless. There is a brief bio about the author that is featured in all guest blogs on our site that highlights your coaching practice and provides prospective clients a way to contact you.

5 Questions for FIA

This is a new series we have begun that allows others the opportunity to get to know you and all the good you do, in your own words. It may seem brief but after five simple questions, your fellow coaches and potential clients will get a wonderful sense of the impact you have on your clients and why you are an effective coach. Our mission here is to be authentic and relatable so that everyone watching will be inspired to hire a life coach or even become a life coach.


All FIA graduates have exclusive access to the Fowler International Coaching Exchange on LinkedIn. This private platform allows us all to connect with one another. Taking the time to share with the other coaches in the group can offer many promotional advantages. If you need Facebook likes to help your coaching business page gain credibility, our coaches will gladly help. If you seek advice on building your brand or constructing your website, we have fellow coaches who can offer advice. Most importantly, engaging in a dialogue helps strengthen our community and could present networking opportunities in the future.

To learn more about FIA’s free promotional platforms visit or email

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