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Coaching a Life

I didn’t come from a family of cheerleaders. Accomplishments weren’t applauded and mistakes were actually accentuated.

The continued attempts to get a “atta girl” compliment followed me through my school years and into college where professors took pride in showing you the errors of your work.

The constant struggle to feel good enough is anxiety provoking.

It turns out, this is a familiar scene for a lot of young adults.

The percentage of college kids with anxiety issues is astonishing! 60% according to a PsychologyToday article. (March 2019)

Demands are high. Sadly, so is blood pressure.

Papers due!

So much to read!

Time management!

Time to study!

Balancing classes with part-time jobs.

Building relationships.


Attending class.

Bills and tuition due.

Man, college WAS a ton of LIFE to manage!

So what are these stressed out, overtaxed young adults doing?

They are hiring Life Coaches. Their very own personal cheerleaders to help them gain perspective, drive them to set goals, check tasks off their well planned lists, and lead them toward a bright future!

That’s what we do, us Life Coaches. I laughed at the term when I first heard it. Who would pay someone to help them just live?

Would I hire someone to point out better ways to go about each day? Someone to hold my hand and remind me what was in store for me if I focus?

Gosh! Yes! I never had that in my lifetime, even from a parent!

Hmmmm…. The more I pondered it, the more I wanted to look at what this Life Coaching thing was all about.

A Life Coach isn’t a counselor or a therapist. They don’t tell you what to do or analyze your past and how it’s help develop today’s you.

This new sort of guide for life helps you look deep into your inner most self and find what goals in life really have the most meaning for you. They then help you lay out the plan and actions steps to work toward that overall goal.

Checking in weekly, monthly, what ever schedule is agreed upon, the coach is there to brainstorm how your moving along or what else you might do to make your life just a little bit more fulfilling.

I laughed when I first heard the term “Life Coach”.

Now, I wish one would have been there when I was failing algebra and trying out for volleyball! A little cheerleading to a searching young soul can go a long way!

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