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How to Make Vibrant Social Media Posts

By: Becky Gale, CPC

1) Content is key!

Having a post that has too much content, or not enough content can break your feed. You lose followers, get people questioning what you’re even doing and shoot yourself in the foot, metaphorically online.

So how much is too much content?

You want to get the scroller to stop, it needs to be eye catching and make them curious. Whether it’s a question, answering their “why?”, making them jealous about something (the list goes on). There is a lot of information that you could put online, but you want to make it SPARK so people notice you.

Think about when you are on social media, what posts do you stop at? How did it catch your eye? Do that!

2) Photo to capture the eye

Think BIG, you want something that will attract your client. For example: if you’re a skier, get the BEST picture you can of the biggest mountain and attract away! (I’m good at this, because I love skiing!)

If you’re promoting food, make sure you edit the photo of the food for lighting, and same with drinks. Get a photo editing software that will make the colors POP, and make the food look so good you could reach through the screen and EAT IT! (Canva is a great tool for this and any other photo editing!)

Finally if you’re promoting yourself, make sure you have a professional photo that makes you look absolutely perfect!

3) Colors for contouring and memory!

Branding is huge when it comes to social media. Social media posts should always follow a specific style and color coding (your brand!). If your colors are purple, yellow and grey (like mine) then in all of your posts they should include at least one (or two) of your branding colors.

Branding colors provides memory for the client as well, when they see those colors it will make them think of your branding and your business!

If you don’t have branding colors yet, I’d recommend you get them!

Colors are going to give the client emotion when they go to your website (Facebook, Instagram etc. page). Cool colors like blues, purples etc. will calm the client down, whereas warm colors the reds and oranges will give the client energy! So make sure what you are trying to promote follows your branding colors!

Here are some examples of the photos I’ve done for my social media, connect with me for more information in regards to social media posting, content and more!

About the Author: Becky Gale, CPC

"I [graduated from FIA and] started Life Coaching in March of this year, after struggling for years about thinking what I was going to do. I have always had an urge to help others, in some way then when someone told me about life Coaching I knew that was what I was meant to be. 

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in my early 20’s and after years of suffering, trial medications etc. it made me start into the health and fitness world, learning about diet, nutrition and personal training. I’ve used all of these skills to help not only myself, but many others. 

I also decided to get a business degree, with a major in marketing and has given me the skills and the passion for social media marketing, photography, web design and much more! 

I am always looking for ways to challenge and better myself, and love meeting new people to have along the way!" 

Contact Coach Becky via e-mail at

Follow her on facebook at

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