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Liz Venendaal is the Director of Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching's We Live Without Limits division. She and Fowler International's Founder, Berry Fowler, (who is also the founder of Sylvan® Learning Centers) see the tremendous need for rewarding, profitable career options for individuals who have overcome adversity and are often perceived as "limited".


Liz has personally felt this first-hand and feels such joy to have found coaching. Now, through FIA's We Live Without Limits division, Liz provides remote coach training to others who want to break through that barrier just as she has and begin their own successful life coaching business from home. Liz Venendaal is a Fowler International Academy Certified Professional Coach, Certified Disaster Recovery Coach, Certified Group Leader Coach, Certified Career and Vocational Coach, Certified Success Coach and Certified Master Trainer. As a woman living with cerebral palsy, she has built her career around her passion for helping others who may be limited by their circumstances and changing the narrative surrounding those limitations. She has created her home-based coaching business while balancing the needs of her three beautiful children as a stay-at-home mom. 

Liz graduated summa cum lade from the New York Institute of Technology with a bachelors degree in the professional studies of business, behavioral sciences and communication arts. Liz has additional training and certification in alcohol and substance abuse counseling (CASAC-T) and applied suicide intervention skills (ASIST).

Prior to the birth of her children, Liz worked for a non-profit mental heath association in her local county. There she saw first-hand the positive impact that active listening, support and encouragement can have on the lives of others.  


Liz feels compelled to raise awareness and help expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Towards those efforts, Liz has volunteered on local committees including the Network of Women with Disabilities, Accessible Long Island and Universal Design Long Island.


She is also a published author whose work has been featured by HBO, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation and The Mighty. She and her husband raise their son and twin daughters in Liz’s hometown on Long Island, New York. 

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