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​What is required to become a Certified Professional Coach?

The most important attribute to becoming a life coach is not a college degree, it’s not years of experience in a helping profession; the most important attribute is a genuine desire to help others. If you have that desire, Fowler Academy's accredited life coaching classes will teach you to deliver excellent, results-driven coaching to every client you’ll serve.

If you are like most of our students, you are the “go-to” person for your friends, colleagues, and associates. You are well-liked and trusted, and you find people are drawn to you for help with their challenges and opportunities. If this is true, you are already coaching - you’re just not getting paid. All you need to make the leap to become a paid professional is a proven life coach training system, effective professional tools, and confidence in your ability to truly help your clients achieve their goals.


Can I really learn to be a great coach in your Home Study Course?

Yes, through our home study life coaching program you will absolutely learn how to be a great coach. Each lesson in our Complete Home Study Life Coach Video Course is designed to ensure you will gain the knowledge and master the tools and techniques of our professional life coaching system. Our easy-to-follow course allows you to learn to become a great life coach at your own pace and on your own schedule. And, because our certified coach training is online you can come back and review portions, or all of our course, anytime throughout your coaching career.

How good can a Home Study Coaching Course really be?

Ours is excellent. We guarantee it. Fowler Academy’s founder, Berry Fowler, is one of the world’s most respected and experienced Master Coaches and educators. He has been teaching others how to coach for over thirty years. Berry and his team have trained and certified over 8000 coaches in over fifty countries. Berry Fowler is recognized worldwide for creating educational curriculum and training systems that have helped millions of people to increase their performance and achieve their full potential.

If your course is so good, why does it only cost $1297?

It has to do with the mission of Fowler International Academy of Professional Life Coaching - we are dedicated to helping as many good people as we possibly can to become great life coaches. We make learning to coach affordable because we would rather help thousands of people than just a few.

How does the Home Study Course work?

Our class is designed so you may easily earn your Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) certificate from home, on your own schedule, and at your own pace by following these six easy steps.
1. Complete the online registration form
2. Download and print your course materials
3. Recruit a practice client

4. View each video lesson and complete each practice lesson
5. Have your practice client fill out our online survey
6. Turn in the assignment and complete the online exam


If you have any questions while taking the course, you may call or email our Master Life Coach Question Center where you will find friendly, helpful experts to assist you with the process of becoming a life coach.


Why will I need a practice client?

The number one reason our home study course is so effective in preparing you to be a great life coach is you will be doing a lot of coaching throughout the course. As you learn the different tools and techniques that make up our proven system, you will put them right into practice by coaching your practice client. By the time you graduate, you will have successfully coached your practice client through every aspect of our coaching system.

​​What is a practice client and how do I find one?
A practice client is someone you will need to recruit to act as your life coaching client. Your practice client may be a friend, colleague or even a family member. Your practice client does not need to live in your local area because you can complete your practice coaching sessions over the telephone or internet. 

Your practice client will need to be available to you on several conveniently scheduled occasions for a total of about four hours. We have created a short video for practice clients, which explains their responsibilities and how they can help you in earning your coaching certificate. It also explains some of the benefits of being a practice client. 


​Will I be stuck in front of a computer the whole time?

No. One of the reasons we are so successful in training you how to become an excellent life coach is our practical approach to teaching. During our online home study course, you are going to do a lot of coaching. By the time you graduate you will have mastered all of our professional coaching tools and gained the knowledge to be thoroughly prepared to coach your clients to success.

The fact is, if you are like all of our other students, you will find our life coaching classes to be fun, engaging and maybe even life-changing. 

​Can I really learn to Coach in only twenty hours?
Absolutely. Berry and his team have trained thousands of others to use his professional life coaching system for over four decades. We are good at what we do so you can rest assured, you will be completely prepared to begin coaching the minute you graduate.

Is the Home Study Course for Life Coaches?

Yes. Our Complete Home Study Course and the proven coaching system you will learn are perfect if you wish to provide professional life coaching to your clients. The great news is, it is also perfect if you wish to specialize in any coaching niche. While the course ensures you gain the knowledge and master the tools and techniques of life coaching, you will be happy to know you can apply our coaching system to virtually any coaching specialty.

What coaching credential will I earn and how real is it?

You will earn your Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) certificate. This will allow you to use the initials CPC after your name; on your business cards, letterhead, promotional materials and on your website. Your Certified Professional Coach Certificate is real and recognized worldwide. The fact is, Berry Fowler and his team have trained about ten percent of the certified coaches in the world. Having your CPC certificate from Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching demonstrates to your clients that you are a highly motivated and thoroughly prepared professional.

​When can I take the course?
You can register anytime online and begin immediately. Or, please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help you through the registration process and get you started right away.

​What equipment will I need to take the Home Study Course?

All you will need to successfully take our Complete Home Study Video Course is a computer, internet connection and access to a printer.

Will I receive help in starting my coaching business?

Absolutely. In the last sections of our Complete Home Study Life Coaching Course, we will teach you how to organize and launch your coaching practice. You will learn many proven ways to market and promote your coaching services. And, because we provide you with free monthly group coaching sessions focused on helping you to get your business started, you will be in business for yourself, but you won’t feel by yourself.

When will I be ready to begin coaching?

Over 99% of our students report they feel thoroughly prepared to begin coaching the moment they graduate. You will have the knowledge, tools, and techniques to help your clients to change their lives for the better.



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