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"You could be the Best Coach in the World but

if you didn’t have clients, it would be a terrible shame."

Don't Worry. We've Got You Covered!

Here is a Description of What You'll Learn

and the Support You'll Receive 

46 Hours of Professional Coach Training and a Lifetime of Support

Our Complete All-Inclusive Coach Training and Certification Program is comprised of three distinct learning modules. By the time you complete the course, you’ll receive Two Professional Coaching Credentials and Incredible Business Support.



In module one, you’ll earn your Certified Professional “Life” Coach credential during the first twenty hours of your training. You’ll be able to start coaching and continue learning.


Certified Professional Coach Course Overview


Section 1) Foundations of Successful Coaching

The foundations of successful coaching will introduce you to the crucial elements of successful coaching. You will learn:

  • What coaching is all about and why so many people are turning away from counselors and therapists and looking to coaches for help in accomplishing their goals and objectives.

  • How to help clients to set expectations and understand the many sustainable benefits they will receive from their coaching experience with you.

  • How to help clients gain a fresh and enthusiastic perspective on life and happiness.

  • How to quickly position yourself as a highly trained, competent and caring professional when meeting new and prospective clients.

  • How to build instant rapport and create a long-lasting professional relationship with every client you coach.

  • How to employ the professional techniques of coaching to set your clients at ease while gaining a complete understanding of what each wants to accomplish.

  • How to coach clients to create well thought out and detailed plans to move forward and achieve their goals and objectives.

  • How active listening and asking the right coaching questions is much more effective in helping clients than providing consulting and advice.


Section 2) Mastering the Tools and Techniques of Successful Professional Coaching

The proprietary tools, exercises and techniques of Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching’s unique and proven coaching system will enable you to begin helping clients from the moment you graduate. During this section of our training you will learn:

  • How to use our professional coaching tools and exercises to keep your clients thoroughly engaged in their coaching experience.

  • How, from your very first meeting with a client and throughout your coaching relationship, you can ensure each of your clients remains focused, motivated and accountable while they move forward in changing their lives for the better.

  • How to easily and naturally employ a variety of proven coaching techniques to assist your clients in stepping out of their comfort zone, overcoming obstacles and roadblocks that may have stood in their way of success in the past and moving forward with a feeling of confidence and direction.

  • How to identify each client’s predominant learning style to ensure you are prepared to communicate in the most effective way possible.

  • How to use NLP, Socratic Questioning, Active Listening and other professional coaching techniques to ensure your clients benefit the most from each coaching session.

  • How effective our professional coaching system is and how effective you can be in coaching your clients to succeed. With our hands-on approach to training, you will enjoy numerous opportunities to step into the profession and practice what you learn. You will see first-hand how truly effective you can be as a coach when using our coaching system.

  • By the time you graduate, you will have mastered all of the coaching tools, exercises and techniques of our professional coaching system. You will be confident and ready to coach by the time you graduate.

  • How to use our coaching session management tool to conduct weekly coaching sessions that will produce sustainable and measurable results for every client you coach.


Section 3) Best Practices of Professional Coaching

Providing ethical and accountable coaching is the only way to guarantee the long-term success of your coaching practice and your ongoing professional revenues. In this section of your training, you will learn:

  • The gold standards of professional coaching ethics.

  • The importance of confidentiality and the system to easily safeguard your clients’ information.

  • To understand the critical difference between coaching and therapy and how you can ensure your services never waiver from providing your clients with the finest coaching experience available.


Section 4) Launching Your Successful Professional Practice

Even if you have never owned your own business before, you are going to love this section of our training. You’ll learn how to organize and launch your successful Life Coaching business.


In this section of our training, you will be introduced to a multitude of proven, practical and effective ways to organize and start your coaching business. You’ll learn a variety of strategies to spread the word about your coaching services and attract your initial clients. This section of your training is not theory or fluff. You will learn real-world techniques our graduates have used, and continue to use, to launch their successful professional coaching practices.

During the business section of our course you will learn:

  • How to craft a concise and compelling message to attract your ideal clients.

  • How to leverage your passion and Fowler International’s excellent reputation to help accelerate the growth of your business.

  • How to create a 90-day business startup and launch an action plan.

  • How to develop and implement a 6-month marketing strategy.

  • How to easily collect and manage your monthly coaching fees.

  • How you can work from home, enjoy a flexible lifestyle and reap the rewards of a highly skilled professional.


How effective is Our Training?

Extremely effective. The fact is, over 99% of our student’s report they feel completely prepared to provide excellent coaching to clients by the time they graduate.



Whether it’s a natural disaster, a personal tragedy, the loss of a loved one, a traumatic divorce or a major career setback our Disaster Recovery Coach training will provide you with additional tools and exercises to help your clients recover and restart their lives.


This course was originally created to train and assist scores of our coaching graduates who volunteered their services to help families and individuals recover and restart their lives after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and Louisiana. I am proud to report our Disaster Recovery Coaching program was a tremendous success. Since then our amazing volunteer coaches continue to be there when the need arises. 


From this experience, we learned the additional tools and exercises we created for our Disaster Recovery Coach program were equally effective with our paying clients who have been through a traumatic experience as well. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. A personal tragedy such as the loss of a loved one, a traumatic divorce or a major career setback can feel like a disaster to our clients. Now you will have additional coaching tools and exercises to help your clients in their time of need.


Upon completion of this module, you will receive your second professional coaching credential as a Certified Disaster Recovery Coach.

"You could be the Best Coach in the World but if you

didn’t have clients, it would be a terrible shame."

Don't Worry. We've Got You Covered!

In fact, that’s where we excel. Our Coaching Course not only teaches you how to be a great coach, we’ll also teach you how to attract your initial clients and to grow your coaching practice from that point on.

Proven Track Record of Business Development and Four Decades of Success

There may be no one person who is better positioned to teach you how to launch and grow your coaching business than our founder, Berry Fowler.

Berry’s entire career has been devoted to helping his team members, franchise owners and coaches grow their businesses. With Sylvan, Berry created a system that led to helping hundreds of Sylvan owners recruit and serve over 4 million students. The marketing system that enabled The Little Gym to quickly become a world leader in child development services through their franchisee-owned business program is another demonstration of Berry’s expertise.  Developing growth strategies for service businesses is his forte and his passion.



Question: What is the most important thing every business must have to succeed?

If you answered "Customers", you are absolutely right. And, that’s why so many of our graduates thank us time and time again for the business section of our course.

That’s why you’ll find Module Three of our coach training program so valuable. In this module, you’ll have access to over twenty hours of video lessons and exercises designed to teach you how to grow your coaching business, increase your income and help more clients.

You will learn:

  • How to find your perfect client.

  • How to conduct a powerful introductory coaching session to help prospective clients to make the best decision and hire you as their coach.

  • How to craft a powerful message explaining the many benefits you offer to your clients.

  • How to build a professional coach's website designed specifically to attract new clients.

  • How to fill your sales funnel and implement an ongoing relationship-building connection with potential clients.

  • How to easily create and distribute powerful online videos to engage clients and grow your revenues.

  • How to easily write an effective promotional eBook to engage prospective customers and elevate you as a thought leader in the profession of coaching.

  • How to use a variety of proven social media techniques to sell your coaching services.

  • And so much more!



After Course Support – Ongoing and Never-Ending

Our team is dedicated to your success and that’s why our ongoing support begins the moment you graduate, and it never ends.


Access to our Master Coach Question Center

If you ever have a question or an idea you would like to brainstorm with us, all you need to do is call our 888 number or send an email and you will find we are here for you.


Online Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

As a Fowler International Academy coach and graduate, you will be invited to attend our exclusive FIA Monthly Group Coaching Sessions. They are absolutely free and focus on helping you succeed. Our live online monthly group sessions are presented by FIA’s founder, Berry Fowler, and provide you with an ongoing opportunity to continue learning additional ways to help clients and grow your coaching business.


Unable to attend our live online monthly group sessions - that’s not a problem. Each monthly session is recorded, archived and available 24/7 to all of our graduates. You’ll have access to years of great information to assist you in growing your business.


Fowler International’s Coaching Exchange - Our Private Facebook Mastermind Group

As a Fowler International Academy graduate, you will be embraced by a community of the world’s finest and most caring coaches. You’ll be invited to become an active member of our exclusive Coaching Exchange Group where you may interact with other Fowler Coaches. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to share ideas, ask and answer questions, and provide and receive support and encouragement from other dedicated professional coaches. Some of our members even exchange coaching with each other. Becoming a member and participating in our group is free to all Fowler International graduates.

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