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Fowler International Academy Coaches are committed to the highest standards of professional ethics.


• I will maintain a professional relationship with my clients at all times.

• I will always keep my clients' interests above those of my own.

• I will maintain, guard and guarantee my clients' confidentiality.

• I will not offer advice, counseling, or psychotherapy to any client in my duties as a coach.

• I will never do harm to any client.

• I will develop lasting relationships built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and respect with every client I serve.

• I will commit all of my professional experience, energy and focus on helping every client I serve.

• I will expect success from every client I serve, and I will not be limited in my expectations by my clients' past performances.

• I will encourage my clients to believe in themselves, set realistic goals, take appropriate actions and celebrate success.

• I will provide my clients with a safe and nurturing coaching experience, which will allow them to be themselves without fear of judgment, criticism or failure.

• I will remain committed to professional excellence in all that I do and all I provide.

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