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Our Live Online Certified Professional Coach Courses are
approved and accredited to provide 20.75 hours of ICF CCEs  
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One of the questions I am often asked is about coaching accreditation. Is a particular school, academy, institution or program accredited? I’ve had lots of folks tell me, “The more I read about coaching accreditation the more confused I become.” The truth is there is a lot of confusion out there so I wrote this brief article to give you my “two cents” on just how things really are, but before I begin let me share a little background with you.

As you have probably heard, life coaching has become so popular it has been dubbed “the world’s fastest-growing profession”. One of the reasons for this recent and unprecedented growth is life coaching really works. People around the globe are living more abundant, fulfilled and successful lives thanks to their personal life coach. Another reason for the growth is you don’t have to have a college degree, or years of experience in a helping profession, to become a successful life coach. So what is life coaching all about? All you really need is a genuine desire to help others, a basic understanding of the principles of life coaching and effective coaching tools. Many of the students who come to me have been informally coaching - some for decades. They are the “go-to” person for their family, friends, and colleagues. They coach intuitively, helping others through the challenges and pitfalls of today’s hectic lifestyle. Many of these folks are really good coaches but they have yet to become certified or even paid for their services. What motivates most of these fine people is a genuine desire to help others. It’s a calling to leave their mark on the world and make it a better place by helping others find peace, balance, harmony, and success. Coaching is a profession open to anyone who dreams of owning his or her own business, helping others and reaping the rewards of a well-paid professional. 


My team and I have been training others to coach for over forty years. In the past decade alone, we have trained and certified over 8,000 coaches worldwide, making Fowler International one of the world’s largest organizations to offer life coach accreditation. Our Certified Professional Coaching (CPC) Certificate is recognized, respected and accepted all over the world. 

Forty years ago, I opened my first Sylvan Learning Center and implemented a teaching system to help struggling students to improve their basic skills and catch up with their classmates. From the very beginning, I offered a guarantee to my student’s parents that we would help their child raise his or her reading or math skills by at least one grade level (as measured by a nationally standardized achievement test) in only 36 hours of instruction. At that time, many educators thought we were nuts. They didn’t believe it was possible. Today I am proud to report, after helping millions of successful students, Sylvan still offers that same guarantee. The truth is, I find that teaching motivated adults to be great coaches is much easier than it was to figure out how to help a fifth-grader who had fallen two years behind in reading. 


The Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching can teach you how to be a great coach in only 20 hours because we teach you how to use our proven coaching system. Our coach training course ensures you will gain the knowledge and learn the tools and techniques of successful coaching. By the time you graduate from our life coach training program, you will have earned a coaching credential that is recognized, respected and accepted around the world and you will be prepared to provide your clients with the finest coaching experience available.

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